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Terms of Use

A. General Information

This site was created and is operated by:

B. Scope

These Terms of Use regulate the use of the website as well as the card game Shithead (“game”) which we have provided therein. They also apply to the contents of any forum contributions or chat messages which you can send or put onto this website when using it.

C. Participation

You can participate in a game on our website without prior registration by opening the game yourself or by joining in a public game. You only need to put in your user name (this name does not have to be your real one).

E. Data Protection

Protecting your private sphere and the safety of your personal data is very important for us. Therefore all data applications operated by us comply with the provisions of the Austrian data protection law (DSG 2000) and other regulations specific to this field. All our employees are obliged to abide by data secrecy according to § 15 DSG 2000. If you use our website or participate in a game we exclusively save only non-personal data.

F. Cookie

In order to recognize you the next time the game is accessed a cookie is set (a small file indicating your use of our website which is saved from your browser on the hard disk). In addition, we also record how long and how often you play (times of the day, days of the week).

H. Data Transmission

We expressly stress that data transmission over the internet (e.g. communication via e-mail) involves security gaps and cannot be completely protected from access by a third party.

I. Using Contact Data

Using the contact data of our company details for commercial advertising is expressly unwanted unless we have given explicit written permission or there is already a business connection. We herewith contradict any commercial use and passing on of their data.

J. Participation Conditions

Your entitlement to participate in our game depends on present state of technology. The technical configuration of your terminal is your responsibility.

K. Copyright

The content and games posted on our website are subject to copyright and ancillary copyright law. Any use not permitted by Austrian copyright and ancillary copyright law requires our prior written consent.

L Prohibition of Misuse

Abusive conduct in the game is forbidden as in the following cases:

 • Violation of rules for communication between players

 • Trying to influence the outcome of games by irregular means

 • Creating malfunctions and interferences on purpose in order to influence the course of the game.

 • Violation of any other rules in the terms of use.

If we detect any violation of the above-mentioned points or have reasonable grounds to suspect any we reserve the right to block your IP address for our game without giving any reasons and without prior notice.

You are also obliged to assure that any content that you produce does not violate the legal rights of third parties. In particular you are obliged to respect the private sphere of other players and not to post any content which is racist, xenophobic or in any way discriminating, pornographic or sexually derogative, including any kind of threats or molestations.

The following are not permitted:

• Distribution of advertising

• Running polls and surveys

• Scouting out personal data of other players without their express permission

• Messages which serve the spreading of religious, political or ideological convictions

• Interfering with other players by putting in senseless number combinations etc.

• Purposely blocking games and communication in any way.

M. Applicable Law

By using this service, also from countries outside the Austrian republic, you agree to accept that Austrian law applies to the use thereof. Court of jurisdiction and place of performance is Vienna.

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