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Recent Submissions

Hey there, thanks for te great interface. For a week now I can\'t play on my IPad properly anymore!!! For some reason , I cannot arrange my card befor the round kicks off. I like the fact that the robots can chat now ;)

We pushed a new version with loads of IPad layout fixes, currently working on Iphone/Android. ... and the shitbots started swearing :)

Hi! I found a bug.
In list_view.js, if the user's browser is blocking Facebook scripts (i.e. if 'FB' is not defined), then InitGameOptions() never runs, and the user is unable to change the card type options. I block Facebook, but I still want to alter the transparent card type :)

Thank you! This has been fixed in the latest version. Please get in touch if you want to help testing and fixing some (messy) code.

This is pretty cool! But I miss the exit button - just in case you change your mind about a game... But this is great. Thanks! :)

Like the idea. Exit button during game is built in.

Hello, I love the game of shithead that you have recreated and planted on the internet and I have played several games alone now however I have stumbled across one flaw with the game. When you reassign the special cards, they only stay reassigned for one game. When you click "Play again" it takes them back to their default values. For example, the version of shithead I was taugh uses 2's as reset cards, 7's as reverse cards, 8's as transparent cards, 10's as burn cards and there are no skip cards. The version I play obviously must be a simplified version with different cards as the special cards. Anyway, I just thought my email might help you make maintenance to the brilliant game that you have provided the internet with. Thanks!

Nice find! seem to have missed that bug for a while. It's fixed now - enjoy!

You guys must to put it on facebook! It's awesome!

We started to put some fb login stuff into usage for profile picture and name, but we like the anonymity as is so got off the idea. Please share, like and link us!

For the first, great initiative to create this wonderful cardgame online! Now to my problem and I'm sure that I'm not the only one pointing this out but sometimes the game decides to mess with you and doesnt let you continue the game because the one having the turn can't pick up the pile/place the cards he/she have on his/her hand. I hope you guys will fix this A.S.A.P!

Few things around the issue you mentioned have been fixed, but there are still the occasional hiccups we know. Thank you for your feedback!

Okay, I know enough. Let's Play Shithead Now!