It's Not About Winning
It's About Not Losing

How to play Shithead

Your Ultimate Mission

Get rid of your cards as fast as you can. The loser a.k.a. the “Shithead” is the last player with cards in his hands. This player has to deal the cards in the next round.

Dealing the Cards

1) First, you get three 'facedown cards' and three 'faceup cards' on top. Another three cards below are your hand cards.

2) At the beginning of the game you can swap your ^best hand with faceup cards. This increases your chances in the end game.


1) Game starts with the first player putting his lowest card on the table and drawing a card from the deck.

2) The next player must play an equal or higher card…or take the stack.

3) You can play one to four cards of the same kind at once. Good to get rid of your cards quickly

4) When all your faceup cards are gone you continue with your face down cards. The player can chose freely which card to play. With the last card played the player is finished and not the Shithead.

Special Cards

There are several cards with special powers which make the game sometimes pretty strategic.

Burn Cards or Four Of The Same Kind
This card clears the whole stack and it’s your turn again. It can be played on any card.
Reset or Restart Card
This card Resets the stack and can be played on any card.
Reverse Card
Only equal or lower cards can be played on this one.
Transparent or Mirror Card
Previously played card is still counting. This card can be played on any card.
Skip Card
Skips the next player who has then to pause for one round.
Direction Changer Card
Changes the direction of the game.
Okay, I know enough. Let's Play Shithead Now!