It's Not About Winning
It's About Not Losing

About playing Shithead, the card game online

In case you’ve already travelled throughout the world as backpacker or you maybe have lived in a dormitory during your studies you’ve most likely already came across the world’s most awesome card game ever - Shithead!

Shithead is a widely-known card game and the number of countries where it’s played is only outnumbered by the number of different variations of rules out there. There is no commonly acknowledged rules set - everybody plays it a bit differently which as well contributes to the unique charm of this game. You can adjust rules easily within our online Shithead version.

However, as most of the good things in life it is very simple and easy to learn. If you want to refresh on how to play, just read through the little Shithead help quickly, then join others in a game or create your own Shithead game, play two rounds and that’s it.

For us Shithead was always the perfect opportunity to pass the time while travelling or spend quality-time with our friends and sometimes just a perfect excuse to start drinking in the afternoon. Now, we simple thought it was time to bring Shithead to the Internet in a way it’s meant to be played online. If you have only half the fun playing it we had when making it - we had double the fun of you!

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More about rules and Shithead you find on the most famous encyclopedia Wikipedia Shithead card game page.

Okay, I know enough. Let's Play Shithead Now!